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>From: Nicq MacDonald <>
> >Everyone seems to be looking for a healthy way to lose weight...
> >I'm looking for a healthy way to put on 20-30 lbs...
>Weight lifting is the answer, along with getting sufficient
>protein. You don't have to get crazy, just lift enough so that 10-
>15 reps is about all you can manage. Perfect form is the key. Maybe
>Max will add more/better info.

The consensus of the experts, according to my reading over the last 20
years or so, is that 8-10 reps per set maximizes muscle growth. 4-6 reps
will maximize strength, while 15 or more reps (with short rest breaks) will
improve aerobic conditioning and muscle tone with less muscle growth. Some
simple steps to maximize muscle gain:

-- 8-10 reps per set.

-- Take a good break between sets (in heavy training mode I take a
two-minute break) so that you can use heavy weights on every set.

-- Use the heaviest weight you can possibly manage for 8-10 reps.

-- To protect your body, especially when lifting heavy weights, use strict
form. (I see a lot of sloppy execution at the gym.)

-- Don't overtrain. That means working each muscle group as hard as
possible (after a month or two of building up), then letting it rest for
*at least* 3 or 4 days, preferably a week. Big muscle groups (like quads)
take longer to recover than smaller ones (like biceps).

-- Cut down on carbs that have no real nutrition and replace with lean
protein sources, especially fish.

-- An hour or so before working out, drink a protein shake containing whey
protein, creatine (which will immediately produce a weight gain due to
water retention but will help you push your muscles harder), and glutamine.

-- Get plenty of sleep (let that growth hormone be released).

That should cover most of the important basics. For a good reference on a
wide range of exercises from which to choose, buy Arnold Schwarzenegger's
Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding.

This program works for me. (I'm also doing a fair amount of aerobic
exercise, but that will not add to your muscle growth and too much may
actually reduce it.) At 36, I'm stronger than I've ever been, weighing 193
lbs and (according to my Kronos Clinc tests) with a bodyfat that is well
below average for a 20 year old. A similar program is also working well for
Natasha, whose physique blows away practically all women half her age
whatever that might be ;-) .

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