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Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 14:55:51 MST

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> If you want to discuss mysticism, numerology, astrology,
> magick, or Crowley:
> It doesn't matter whether mysticism is the true underlying
> reality or utter
> horse hockey. This is the Extropians list. This is the
> place for science and
> edgy high-tech future shock.
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How about if we wish to discuss people telling their fellow extropians and
transhumanists what to discuss or what is and is not part of being
extropian? If you want to be a control freak then do that elsewhere. Stop
yelling. You might learn something.

Edgy high-tech future shock leads straight into spaces where cosciousness
itself changes and where we better deal with the soft and somtimes rather
wierd seeming aspects of our being. The separation is not so clean or
simple as you might wish.

- samantha

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