From The Extropian PR Dept: A Pill to Extend Life? Don't Dismiss

Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 15:40:11 MST

Not sure if everyone saw this when it came out.....
but I just found this New York Times Article....

Forward to all your not-as-of-yet-Extropian friends!
New York Times
A Pill to Extend Life? Don't Dismiss the Notion Too Quickly

- The Extropian PR Dept.

>From the article:

Dr. Tomas A. Prolla, a geneticist who studies aging at the University of
Wisconsin, said Dr. Guarente's report was the first to link the life
extension effects of caloric restriction to a single gene.

"If the find can be translated to animals, it will be very important," Dr.
Prolla said, because it would provide "a starting point in the design of
drugs which would have a broad effect on human health, including cancer."

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