[BOOK] The Cassini Division, by Ken Macleod

From: whitaker@best.com
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 15:06:25 MST

I'd heard that Ken Macleod's recent SF novel "The
Cassini Division" had been discussed on this list,
but can't find mention of it either at http://www.lucifer.com/exi-lists/
or via Google search.

At the risk of rehashing an old thread (someone
let me know please), I'd like to recommend the

I was particularly amused at the treatment of the
meeting of representatives of anarchosocialist and
anarchocapitalist (my camp) societies. The viewpoint
character comes from the former, and is not badly
fleshed out in her strengths and unquestioned

It's not your usual libertarian SF. It won't confirm
existing prejudices and dispositions. It's systematically
less-than-perfectly predictable.

The ending has a bit of Eric Frank Russell, if you look
for it carefully...


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