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From: Eliezer S. Yudkowsky (
Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 13:42:56 MST

Max More wrote:
> The consensus of the experts, according to my reading over the last 20
> years or so, is that 8-10 reps per set maximizes muscle growth. 4-6 reps
> will maximize strength, while 15 or more reps (with short rest breaks) will
> improve aerobic conditioning and muscle tone with less muscle growth.

New information... exercise program modified accordingly.

What I want, actually, is to *now* build a reasonably healthy physique
that will *later* be easily maintainable (30 minutes 3 times per week, or
whatever) and that won't vanish in a flash if I stop exercising for a
week. I'm guessing that means maximize muscle growth now with 8-10 reps
per set (which is what I have now started doing), then switch to 15 reps
per set when I think it's time to start getting ready for the transition
to "maintenance". Right?

> -- Cut down on carbs that have no real nutrition and replace with lean
> protein sources, especially fish.
> -- An hour or so before working out, drink a protein shake containing whey
> protein, creatine (which will immediately produce a weight gain due to
> water retention but will help you push your muscles harder), and glutamine.

Actually, I'm currently trying to keep in the range of about 1250 calories
per day, and have already gone from over 220 pounds to 190. Is it
reasonable to try and build muscle and lose fat at the same time, or is it
just outright impossible? I got the impression it was reasonable.

What worries me, at the moment, is that whenever I miss two days of
exercise, I seem to drop two pounds. Does this have something to do with
water retention or is it "easy come, easy go" muscle mass?

(Incidentally, no, I'm not taking any anti-oxidants. While ordinarily a
fan of not setting yourself up for a catastrophe if the Singularity
happens later than expected, a 21-year-old taking anti-oxidants would be
going much too far. Unless my impressions are mistaken and anti-oxidants
have immediate health benefits?)

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