From: Ian Arcatling (
Date: Sat Oct 21 2000 - 06:33:21 MDT

     I believe that I may no longer be a member of the ExI. The reason I am
not sure is that there is no difference between being a member and not being
a member -- except that it costs more to be a member, of course.

     There are probably those on this list who consider joining the ExI. I
would therefore like to warn them: since you get nothing for your money if
you send it to the ExI, you might as well flush it down the toilet. I am
certain that you can use that money better.

      I sent in the membership fee the 15th of April last year. Those who
consider becoming members might wonder what I have received from the ExI
during my one year of membership. That won't take long to tell: I have
received nothing from the ExI during my year as a member.

      The first thing that "happened" was nothing -- that is, I couldn't
even get any confirmation that my membership fee had actually reached the
ExI. Eventually I started sending emails to people whose address was on the
Extropy site, asking if they had received the money. Still nothing. No
reply. After half a year of sending emails to people who according to the
Extropy site were representatives of the ExI, I finally received
confirmation that my money had indeed arrived, and that I was registered as
a member. That was all. Then nothing again.

     That's it. That is all you get as a member of the ExI: if you pester
them enough you may eventually receive confirmation that you are a member,
and that is all you will receive. I don't know if the money you send in
goes straight to Max More's own pocket. He seems like a nice enough fellow,
and I find it hard to believe that he is running this thing just as a way to
make money on the poor suckers who send in money to the ExI. I do know what
that money is NOT used for, however. It is not used to pay for printing and
distributing the Extropy magazine to ExI members. In fact, I seriously
doubt that that
money goes to anything that benefits ExI members.

      Hence, if you are thinking of applying for membership and sending
money to ExI, DON'T DO IT!. Treat yourself to something nice for that money
instead. You won't receive anything at all for your money if you send it to
the ExI.

                                    Ian Arcatling

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