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Date: Sat Oct 21 2000 - 10:02:45 MDT

On Friday, October 20, 2000 9:29 PM Sherry wrote:
> Thank you! The biopsy was benign, as the doctor had predicted for the
> part.

Good to hear. I hope you also take care to minimize your risks for breast
cancer in other ways.

Sadly, a friend of mine's mother has breast cancer. She's had it now for
about two years. They've used a variety of therapies. It keeps going into
remission and coming back. However, she has done almost zilch to change her
lifestyle. She's overweight and eats a typical American diet -- lots of red
meat and carbs. She doesn't even take any supplements.

> I'd rather have a little pain for a few seconds than the IV sedation
> or general with side effects that require resuscitation and life-support
> equipment on standby. It really was not much worse than the palatal
> injections used for root canals. :)

Of course, you must remember, your case is probably not the way most people
experience such biopsies. In a lot of them, I'm sure, sedation is required.
Also, the level of pain one can tolerate varies from individual to
individual. That's why there are people who will pull a tooth with no
anesthesia and others who want to be out for the process. (Another case in
point: I work with a bunch of "Advil addicts" -- people who constantly
medicate for the smallest ache or pain.:)

I agree, however, with you. If you can avoid anesthesia, then it's all the
better. After all, in many cases, the less anesthetic intervention, the
faster you can get out of the hospital or doctor's office and back to life.
(Not that this has cropped up much in my life -- except at the dentist.:)


Daniel Ust

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