Re: LE: Life Extension Update 2000.10.20

Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 07:07:19 MDT

Believe me, this was nowhere near the pain of pulling a tooth. The only
person who may need the IV sedation, that I've ever been able to think of, is
someone with a needle phobia or a lower-than-average pain tolerance. I had a
lot more pain during a dental cleaning from the cold water than I've ever had
with an injection. I think I have pain tolerance in the average range.
(When I "rate" the pain of a particular kind of accident or illness, mine
comes up close to that of most people.) As for the lady with the recurring
breast cancer, she sounds depressed. I don't know why else anyone would be
unwilling to better his or her lifestyle at least a little. I know of
someone very overweight, who probably wouldn't be able to give up his diet,
but even he takes supplements.


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