From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 08:38:33 MDT

From: "Ian Arcatling" <>

> I believe that I may no longer be a member of the ExI. The
>reason I am not sure is that there is no difference between being
>a member and not being a member -- except that it costs more to be
>a member, of course.

I dropped off the original Extropy mailing list when they started
to charge for it, because I was young and somewhat foolish, and had
alot of things to learn.

As soon as I had learned those lessons I was back because I
realized how valuble this list and the Extropy Institute really is.
I also learned the important lesson that these things cost money.

Please stay on the list. While the list isn't free (TANSTAFFL),
many of us will continue to support it.

Renewal is the sincerest form of flattery, and I not only just
renewed (thanks E Shaun Russell) but upped my membership to


Extropy Institute,
Adler Planetarium
Life Extension Foundation,
National Rifle Association,, 1.800.672.3888
Ameritech Data Center Chicago, IL, Local 134 I.B.E.W

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