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Date: Sun Oct 22 2000 - 15:54:49 MDT

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> The first thing that "happened" was nothing -- that is, I
> couldn't even get any confirmation that my membership fee had
> actually reached the ExI. Eventually I started sending emails to
> people whose address was on the Extropy site, asking if they had
> received the money. Still nothing. No reply. After half a year
> of sending emails to people who according to the Extropy site were
> representatives of the ExI, I finally received confirmation that my
> money had indeed arrived, and that I was registered as a member.
> That was all. Then nothing again.

        I had a similar experience. But instead of complaining like
this, I realized that there simply wasn't enough people working for
this good cause and pursued and tried to find ways which I could help.
I finally was persistent enough to get involved and have become the
exi web administrator.

        There are lots of people who talk the talk in this group, but
it is very difficult to find people willing to actually do some work to
make things perform better. Max can't do it all alone. Great
movements like this aren't supposed to serve the people as they sit
back and complain, the people are supposed to serve, "put their
shoulder to the wheel" and help make things better for all, don't you

        I'm sure many people can find problems with the extropy web
sight too. I could sure use some help with a few things. Again, just
a few people can't do it all alone. If your willing to help, rather
than complain, we can certainly put you to work, helping to make
things better.

        How would you (or anyone?) like to do some database entry work
for the sight? (If so, please contact me) Or maybe there are some
other areas you'd like to help with? The few of us that are at least
doing some work could sure use some help with all there is to do to
make things work the way they should and eventually will.

                Brent Allsop

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