From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Sat Oct 21 2000 - 07:48:34 MDT

As a benefactor member of ExI, I must respectfully agree with your
complaints, but not your proposed response.

Like you, I sent in my money and got nothing in return. I have been too
busy to attend the expos, so I have not gotten any economic benefit. I
could probably derive the same personal benefit from ExI without
contributing anything.

However, I don't invest my money in ExI to get a monetary return. That's
what the stock market is for. I don't want to enjoy the benefits of this
list, the web site, or the ideas without contributing anything in return. I
invest my money in ExI to help support the work of spreading futuristic

As you noted, communications with ExI has been sporadic. Volunteer members
have been too overworked to attend to all the details as well as they should
have. The paper publications have turned out to be too cost prohibitive.
Good web sites always take more time than people expect.

ExI needs my money and volunteers to help them accomplish their goals. The
flaws you point out only serve to highlight this need even more
emphatically. I agree with all of the flaws you point out. Rather than
avoiding sending in my money, your points have made me even more eager to
contribute to help keep ExI going.

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