From: Brent Allsop (
Date: Sun Oct 22 2000 - 20:29:33 MDT

"Ian Arcatling" <> replied:

     It seems that I was misinformed concerning the ExI. If I understand
the other postings correctly, I should have realized that sending money to
the ExI is just like sending money to CARE or to the Red Cross. The
difference is that by sending money to the ExI one gets the satisfaction of
knowing that one supports "the revolution." I have to admit that I never
realized this.

        I think this is a very good point. And Ian isn't the only one
that has experienced this. The free sign up page seems to promise
lots to people obviously miss setting people's expectations. I think
we should always be careful not to over set expectations. We should
only make promises which will be over delivered, never under
delivered. Can we get these pages changed so as not to over set
people's expectations?

> It is hard to feel any community spirit with an organization that
> doesn't seem to care about its members, and which doesn't
> communicate with you, in fact doesn't even reply to your messages.

        This is yet another very good point. I've struggle with this
issue myself. Every week we have many many people wanting to sign up
for the free membership. I bet most, if not all of them feel ignored
like Ian. With some good "fellowshipping" I bet we could make people
like Ian, myself, and everyone feel much more welcome and wanted. How
can we set up a system that, in an extropian way, promotes and
supports this kind of stuff?

                Brent Allsop

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