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Date: Mon Jul 03 2000 - 17:40:42 MDT

"" asked about an Italian website with the

The writer, Mr. Formenti, says that extropianism is a
cyber-anarchic-religious movement. Religious ? Thatıs because extropians aim
at some deity (or some Buddhity). What is this omega-point-deity ?

It seems that Mr. Formenti is mixed up. The Omega Point reference is to
Frank Tipler's Omega Point Theory as explained in his book "The Physics of
Immortality." Tipler is a Transhumanist and a professor of mathematical
physics at Tulane University. There is a little info about him on his web
page (linked through the Transhumanist page) but I would recommend reading
Anders Sandberg's thoughtful analysis of the Omega Point Theory and related
ideas on his web site:


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