Re: SOC: Social Contract Education (Was: More Green Party)

From: Corbally (
Date: Mon Jul 03 2000 - 17:27:26 MDT

>Max More apparently wrote:
>> I'm always stunned to find that
>> financial planning, basic logic, and evolutionary
>> theory, are almost never taught in schools,
>> at least based on the many hundreds of students
>> I have surveyed.
>I agree wholeheartedly Max. Especially about logic and
>critical thinking not being systematically offered in
>the public school systems. I have asked many
>administrators why this is so and they simply shrug
>their shoulders.

How about a list of texts that would provide a reasonable basis in all of
these areas? Perhaps it could be put on the Extropy website? I've heard
many books being mentioned here, but never seen a coherent list compiled of
the "must read" books. We could collect submissions and the best ones
could be displayed by category, say Finance, Logic and crit. thinking,
Science theories, philosophy etc....

BTW, if someone does this, I vote for "The Demon Haunted World" to be on
it. I "discovered" critical thinking with that great work. Have loaned it
to a taxi driver I know while he's on holidays too:))

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