Re: omega-point-deity (was: from Italy about exi)

Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 07:39:06 MDT

I am counting on intelligent life from earth or from some other solar system
to eventually (billions-trillions -quadrillions of years) alter reality in
just such a manner you have suggested below. I figure that intelligent life
is part of the mix, or it sure comes in handy if one (ontologically) wants
things fixed.

In a message dated 7/7/00 5:15:48 AM Pacific Daylight Time,

<< It might turn out that we can blow up extra
 dimensions to macro-size, hence changing a lot of our physics, but
 that still leves most fundamentals the same. The question is if there
 is total freedom (somehow we can change the laws of physics to
 *chess*) or if there exists meta-rules which cannot be avoided (like a
 constitution or the 200 rule set in Nomic). For the moment it seems
 that the meta-rules are simple: no changes to the rules are allowed. >>

<<But that is the problem - Tipler did say it *must* happen in his
theory due to his Omega Point Boundary Condition. He doesn't want a
contingent Omega that may appear if we play our cards right, but
something that *will* occur (if his theory is right). Had he just
settled for the contingent version everything wopuld have been fine.>>

My response here is weak, however I do not see anyone arguing against the
Beckenstein Bound (Jacob Beckenstein) and Tipler did state in "..Immortality"
that he believed that if we didn't do things like invigourate the universe
with intelligent life (robot life) that we would be "condemning ourselves and
our loved ones to eternal death." Also that if Earth species failed at this
some other specie would have to.

<<No collapse, rather forced expansion. The particle horizons are due to
the fact that accelerating expansion makes it harder and harder for
light to reach us, it has to move against the expansion so to say. So
if this scenario holds, eventually every particle will be separated
from every other by a horizon.>>

On this one you have me beat from the start. I cannot see how any galactic
spawning species of robot could ever successfully establish itself and
survive, over horizon-level expanses. My wimpy answer might be is to mumble
something about Brane theory, and how fantastically remote distances may
really be only millimeters away, mumble mumble..

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