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Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 03:09:10 MDT writes:

> 1. Yes he hints at it strongly.
> 2. You state that there are solid reasons to scoff at Tipler. I read
> Bostrom's and Cirkovic's paper on the FAP and found it inconsistent
> since Tipler relies on Computational Life to alter the shape of the
> future, as does Hans Moravec.

Tipler et al. actually once proved some powerful theorems about open
universes, showing that it was not possible to close them by
rearranging the matter inside.

> 3. Max Tegmark finds it impossible to build Quantum computers out of plasma.
> Yet, there is nothing in the universal constants to build non-Quantum plasma
> computers. And who knows what we may learn in the future.

Sure, but that is not good evidence for Tiplers position. If he had
made a plausible sketch of such a system or showed some theorem that
implied the existence of high-energy complex systems he would be on
much steadier ground. Now he is just assuming that it must be
possible, a bit like a space program assuming that before landing we
will have come up with a way of landing softly...

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