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Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 21:16:02 MDT

The Back-Action hypothesis has been used, most prominently, by John Crammer,
physicist at the U of Washing who conceptualized that their is a back-wave
action at the Quantum level that effects the past in a subtle way, and
basically "crystallizes in the present". One can get a flavor of this (in my
opinion) with reading Kurt Goedel's view of Reverse of Time in a Rotational
Universe (1949), as well as doing searches on New Scientist's website- and see a couple of interesting articles that have been
produced in the last few years; search words hypertime, time reversal.

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<< Tipler's theory posits the future existence of a super-AI that uses the
 energy of gravitational sheer from a collapsing universe to achieve
 asymptotically increasing computing power (intelligence). This AI then
 "resurrects" every person who has ever lived. This is accomplished by means
 of perfect emulations that dwell in subjective eternity in conditions of
 complete fulfillment (every dream coming true).
 Tipler also asserts that this Omega Point intelligence is functionally
 equivalent to God, and that all the world's religions have somehow intuited
 that God *will be* (even if He does not now exist). Yet in a sense, Tipler
 would say that this Omega Point deity already exists because Tipler claims
 that It (or He) exerts back-action of the past in order to ensure His future
 coming into being. Yes, that's right, Tipler believes in the future
 affecting the past.
 If you want to know more, check out "The Physics of Immortality" especially
 the quite detailed "Appendix for Scientists" that provide the mathematical
 physics behind Tipler's ideas. >>

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