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Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 13:24:53 MDT

The summer cinema spectacular X-Men will be premeiring tonight in the USA.
Since Transhumanism is principally concerned with the human form being
enhanced; and Extropianism is concerned with survival of intelligence in the
Universe, one has to pick and choose (I believe) which is the most important.
Is it more important to develop artificial hearts or focus on if the universe
can be controlled. Both are broad philosophies, and the pursuit of both need
to be encouraged. Because some Italian fellow misrepresents what Tipler said
(allegedly), all you need to is refute the allegation. If there is an
ideological movement against you, then the tactic is refute and
counter-attack. For as surely as rain is wet, ideologues have their own
skeletons in the closet.

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<< Those are important questions! This because transhumanism is an ideology
 with far reaching implications, a system building philosophy! With deep
 implications also in the field of political theory, and ethics, this as
 certain kinds of politics and ethics will work to the advantage of
 transhumanism, and others certainly wont.
 If we don't care about these issues we are just playing a bit with
 computers, or having dreamy discussions about physics. But these things are
 not INHERENTLY transhumanist, they could be discussed otherwise. And if we
 don't have the tools to bring forward the societal change most will soon get
 just a pasttime. But with the right tools, right analysis, and right
 arguments we can change the world to a society that fits our ideas better.
 Ingdahl >>

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