Re: post-humanist/sentient/digital philosophy?

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Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 13:30:06 MDT


On Fri, 7 Jul 2000, matthew gream wrote:

> Would anyone be so kind as to offer suggestions beyond the above ? Mailing
> lists, major web sites, etc. If I don't get a chance to make a web page in
> the future, I will at least return a summary of answers back to the list.

I help run the mailing list, and a companion
portal/chat/weblog site (built using the Slashdot engine) called TransDot--

The site has links to a number of transhumanist resources, and a form for
subscribing to all the transhumanist mailing lists we know about including
our own. We are also working on incorporating the Mozilla Open Directory
into our site, as well as a user-contributed database of Transhumanist
organizations and activities. That feature should be implemented sometime
this month.

The Extropy Institute, which runs this mailing list is also working on
setting up its own Slashdot site, which also promises to be an
excellent research and communication tool as well. I can't give you the
URL until it's officially announced, but I'm sure the Extropians list
will be the first to know.

> Best regards,
> Matthew Gream
> (btw: have you read about the web browser that has been constructed for
> animals - soon the digital collective consciousness may link all sentient
> beings together, and we won't be able to tell the parrots from the script
> kiddies! --- the internet is truly a collective consciousness and a medium
> for interspecies communication and interaction!)

You're pulling my leg! What's the URL?

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