Global Climate Manipulation & Control

Chris Hind (
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 13:34:16 -0800

This is a thread which I have REALLY TRIED to get started for QUITE SOME
TIME. There are new technologies being explored which may lead to the
ability for us to manipulate the weather across the globe. The lesser of
the two major climate manipulation technologies can be accomplished by
injecting large amounts of silver nitrate into the I-wall of a hurricane
to dissolve it. The greater of the two is called HAARP. To sum things up,
HAARP is about a military technology being developed in Alaska called
High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) in which you could
create artificial satellites that you could bounce signals off of by
heating sections of the atmosphere with a highly focused radiowave beam.
This HAARP technology is in it's infancy so its possible that with a few
breakthroughs in amplifying the power of the highly-focused radio beam,
that we could ultimately control global climate by heating sections of
the atmosphere in patterns to move moisture around. Technology like this
could be used for the benefit of mankind by dissolving hurricanes before
they make contact with coastlines or moving rain clouds into drought
areas but it can also be used as an incredible weapon which is surely the
reason for the US defense department having a hand in the development.
Imagine if during the Gulf War we had the power to turn Iraq into an
inland sea by using a technology like HAARP to create major flooding and
literally destroy the country? Can we forsee ourselves manipulating
global climate in, lets say the next 20 years? Is the United States
responsible enough to use this type of power for the good of the people?
Saving millions of dollars and thousands of lives? What possible side
effects could occur? Should we take the risk?

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