Re: wildgrowing threads

Chris Hind (
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 13:33:43 -0800

At 10:55 11/15/96 +0100, you wrote:

>Hi this is a question.


>As a person very interrested in the future i have subscribed to the

>etropian mailing list. I receive about 30 postings a day. But i don't

>get it.

>1 thread is about the TWA 800, aka a conspiracy discussion.

>1 thread is about the existence of god, aka a basic existensialist

>(at leat part of the thread)

>1 thread is about worker/emplyer relationsship, aka govermental


>These threads consists of more than 50% of all threads.


>They seem rather uninterresting to me. Especially as an european. I mean

>seems more like a discussiongroup for a bunch of friends discussing

>whatever interrests them. Is this all there is to the mailing list?

It's my opinion that for the past few days this mailinglist has been
going through a dry spell in terms of scitech subjects. Stick around,
it'll get better. It always does. You'll soon be invited into the
exciting world of:

<bold>Cryonics</bold> (freezing your brain to be reanimated in the

<bold>Nanotechnology</bold> (microscopic robots repair cellular damage
and can construct any physical structure you want)

<bold>Memetics</bold> (ideas that replicate like viruses)

<bold>Brain Uploading</bold> (uploading the brain to a computer)

In the meantime checkout my Ethereal Outlook website at
"" and BE SURE to checkout the
link to Anders Sandberg's incredible website!