Re: Global Climate Manipulation & Control

Chris Hind (
Sat, 16 Nov 1996 13:13:21 -0800

>Well i think the weather is to imprecise for us to controll. It's to big a
>mechanism. It's a bit like curing cancer with chemo therapy. overall you
>maybe can make things work but you kill of a lot of healthy cells in the
>process. That can be a bit of a problem when the weather is the cancer and
>humans are the healthy cells. It would be a PR nightmare at least.

Read the Nanotechnology: Flawed by Design thread in the Hotwired Brain
Tennis section. It deals primarily about how some people think you need to
have technologies that evolve into the environment and how some people
think you can accomplish the same thing using centrally-designed
technologies. I tend to agree with the latter.

>And what about the ice age. Recent findings from the inlandic ice on
>Greenland shows that a new ice age can pop up within as little as 20 years.

Speaking of ice ages, I read somewhere that theres a theory based on the
fact that we may be preventing the next ice age due to global warming.

>Instead of changing the enviroment as we do now when we look at the small
>scale, wouldn't it be better to adapt to it. If we can imagine building big
>O'Neill type space stations in orbit, and the colonialisation of Mars,
>couldn't we imagine doing similar things here on earth. (there's still a
>lot of parcels available in Sahara ;-) )

This sounds sorta sick but couldn't you terraform deserts by dumping tons
of raw sewage out there and have it cover the desert for miles and create a
thick layer of topsoil?

>HAARP is going to be the Area 51 of the 21st century. It will have all
>sorts of things ascribed to it, a few of which will be true, the rest
>will be pure bogosity.

Ahhh!! Do *NOT EVEN* relate HAARP to the UFO fanatic's dream site. The
HAARP concept is feasible! Popular Science went over the issue of HAARP.
They also went over Area 51 but meantioned it as a secret site for
experimental aircraft technologies rather than tabloidy UFO shit.

>For better or worse, I don't think climate or weather manipulation is
>going to be possible for quite some time. In particular, I don't think
>HAARP has anything to do with weather control. Crackpots all over the
>net have been accusing this project of being about everything from mind
>control to UFO communications. I won't rule out the possibility that there
>is more to the project than is public knowledge, but there is so much
>garbage about HAARP out there that I view any claims about it on the net
>with major skepticism.

Popular Science meantioned that eventually with a few breakthoughs it may
be possible to alter climate with HAARP-style technologies. HAARP as it
currently stands can't alter shit.