Re: the robot scenario

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Sat, 16 Nov 1996 23:00:59 +0100

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> From: John Blanco-Losada <>

> if their
> "brains" can develop new advances faster than ours (and remember, they
> would be able to redesign their hardware and software from scratch, while

> we are currently stuck with what nature's handed us) we'll lose the
> technological race.

Maybe maybe not. Robots and robots are not the same thing. The *bad guy
robots* probably wont feel more sympathy for robots fighting against them
than for humans. The robots we develop can then be programmed with
something like the three laws of robotics but still develop themself like
The *bad guy robots*.

Who said robocops?

Maybe the use of our limited brain capacity will sometime be neglible in
the big picture, and maybe we will get killed in this clash of the titans
but we will have a fighting chance.

> Or if their resources exceed ours to a great degree,
> which would be the case if we cede our spacefaring efforts totally to the

> robots, then they will win the war of attrition.

That is certainly right. and one of the best reasons i have heard why
humans should go to space. To have direct acces to the raw materials.

> Yet another reason why (trans)humanity needs to get itself into space to
> prevent total annihilation...