Legions of Soldiers with Railguns (Future of Warfare)

Chris Hind (chind@juno.com)
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 13:48:59 -0800

In addition to my Global Climate Manipulation & Control thread which I
<bold>REALLY REALLY HOPE</bold> receives replys this time I was also
considering the thought of the near-term future of warfare, such as say a
decade (no nano, or AI perversion attacks). I watched "Eraser" for the
first time yesterday and I began wondering about the prospects of
railguns. Are they feasible? I remember from reading "Snow Crash" that
they were able to puree a boat with a high-speed railgun. Also for those
of you living on the west coast of the United States, remember the
blackout that occurred twice in seven states and the press never fully
explained the reason or went indepth? The military have already
considered the idea of creating electromagnetic pulse pipebombs to
knockout communications and electricity and experimenting a physically
harmless device on the populous wouldn't be that bad so why not black out
seven states? What about soldiers being equipped with augmented reality
displays to enable them to see in infrared, and nightvision or a combo of
both superimposed on each other for maximum vision? I'm sure developments
such as these will eventually be commercialized and drift down to the
masses. To recap, are railguns physically possible? Would the military
experiment on us like that? and was that 7 state blackout really an EMP
pipebomb? Welcome to the new era in Information Warfare!!