Re: Global Climate Manipulation & Control

Chris Hind (
Sun, 17 Nov 1996 08:34:00 -0800

>> This sounds sorta sick but couldn't you terraform deserts by dumping tons
>> of raw sewage out there and have it cover the desert for miles and create a
>> thick layer of topsoil?
>Perhaps, but I think there is a real risk it will just dry up, turn into
>dust, and be blown away by the next storm. It has to be fixed long enough
>for grasses to grow in it. But I think the idea has some merit, if I get
>my hands on a desert ecologist I'll ask him about it.

Please give credit where due! So recipe to colonize a desert:

200 tons of Raw Sewage
100 tons of grass seed
Mix Raw Sewage with grass seed thoroughly
Spread resulting paste on desert plains

Serves ?? acres.

>> Ahhh!! Do *NOT EVEN* relate HAARP to the UFO fanatic's dream site. The
>> HAARP concept is feasible!
>So what? There is already some people who think HAARP is a secret weapon
>or a huge environmental danger (just do a web search).

It's really sad.