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> Have you read _The Time Ships_ by Baxter by any chance? He discusses this

> scenario in the book, in the final part of the book.

No can't say that i have. But i have recieved a lot of reading suggestions
that i will check out. Hopefully they have them at as american
books are horribly expensive here in Denmark. 3 times the US price at

>I often argue for what could be seen as the robot scenario
>with humans as hangers-on: by developing AI based on human-computer
>symbiosis, we ensure that we will remain important parts of any spreading
>AI civilization.

This means that very early on we must take the question of robo-control
into consideration.

> Why should I care whether my descendants are meat or metal?
> The best choice would be to go there myself;


> I have often considered the possibility that our creations will outsmart
> humanity... they will simply become too smart for humans at our current
level > of intelligence.

> The only real solution I see is self-augmentation/transformation and
> cyborganization.

Maybe something as simple as making robot societies self controlling.
Robots looking after robots. Sort of a police function.

> We also need to train our minds and develop a very strong mental
discipline > within ourselves.

That will probably be close to impossible for the majority of people living

> It's survival of the fittest. It always has been, and it always will be.

By saying that you imply that humans are merely a slightly higher evolved
animal and i don't agree with that. Humans have intelligence. Maybe some
future race will have a higher intelligence but that doesn't mean that they
will per default win some kind of survival battle. We are different than
animals in a lot of ways. For one thing we can make concious decisions and
go for an explicit goal.

> We cannot remain the type of creatures we are now. We must transform
> ourselves to survive. We also cannot wait until machine takeover is
> We must start *now*, using whatever we have available to transform
> disciplining our minds, training ourselves to be more intelligent,
> resourceful and adaptable.

> Strange paradox: we must change profoundly to survive. That's life.


> Wait a minute -- destroyed? Just because an entity is more powerful
> and intelligent than humans doesn't mean it's going to set out to destroy

> us.

It could also happen out of shere negligence on their part. Like a lot of
species are destroyed by os now

> Apparently you expect some kind of Paget scenario, in which our
> robot-creations declare war on us.

It's certainly a possibility, but it can be made a lot less likely if we
think it into our designs from the beginning.

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