Less Art, More Content

Chris Hind (chind@juno.com)
Sun, 17 Nov 1996 08:34:02 -0800

My opinion on the signal-to-noise ratio problem is that we should have a
broader range of topics about all sorts of newly discovered technologies
rather than analyzing specific problems _so much_ that they decay into
endless pointless semantical discussions which only waste bandwidth.
Meaning 'less art' I am not referring to the poems (some of which are
_really good_) but to how people here sometimes merely write for the sake
of writing rather than write to create new insight and pool ideas on
solving problems relating to new technologies or perhaps coming up with
entirely new ideas. For example, we should have postings of a large number
of technologies in "Breakthroughs!" discussed on the mailinglist relating
to their implications, possible ideas on how to improve them, etc. Why go
over the same old stagnant topics?!? People should submit their ideas and
expose them to a fair amount of 'constructive' criticism. (Notice the word
'constructive', don't beat them into the ground and beyond) We want
progress and the generation of new technologies which will empower us to
transform and transcend our current form so why bicker back and forth with
little word games?