Re: Holograms -vs- Augmented Reality

Chris Hind (
Sun, 17 Nov 1996 08:33:57 -0800

>> I've been considering this thought, if augmented reality (superimposing
>> digital images over the real world by using a transparent headmounted
>> display) is right around the corner, <bold>why</bold> are we still
>> working on developing true color holography for public displays and
>> television?
>Why are people working on electric cars when autogyros or telepresence
>might be better? (I'm not arguing this, it is just an example)

Or hydrogen fuel-based engines.

>* Researchers research their area, and will not abandon it just because
>some other area is making progress.

I suppose you're right because there may be other additional things which
may be of value waiting to be discovered or most likely it's just blatent

>* They do not know about the competition.

They _are_ aware of current events aren't they?

>* There is no competition really, they solve different problems.

>* Not everyone will tune in to your AR advertisements, but everyone will
>see your huge hologram.

Not unless you make augmented reality a necessity for surviving in everyday
life where all communication depend on it like the all in one
communications box (radio, TV, phone, answering machine, VCR, fax, internet
access, etc.) PC-TV which will be here before 2000 with early versions
already here. Make AR essential and everyone will have it just like having
a telephone (western nations).