CNN's "Ian Goddard Plot"

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Thu, 06 Nov 1997 01:24:16 -0500

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I've tried to decisively extricate myself from my TWA 800
inquiry, but it seems that CNN and the gov't don't want me
to go. CNN is spreading gross misinformation on television,
indicating that I said my inquiry into TWA 800 was part of
a "sham" and a "plot." That is FALSE!! I've always promoted
what I believe, and now I believe promoting the Navy-missile
theory was a big mistake! I believe that the evidence is not
sufficient to blame the Navy and I wish to move away from
that and all areas of conspiracy inquiry forever. But I
never said my inquiries were a "plot" or a "sham."

Christine Negroni with CNN contacted me a few days ago to
ask about my change of direction, I did not contact her.
CNN reports now suggest that I said my conspiracy inquiry
was part of a "plot" (a secret scheme) to do damage to
the government's reputation. That's 100% FALSE !!

My only crime is honesty. I'm honest enough to admit,
as I have for months, that my inquiry into TWA 800 was
an effort to identify untruth in the government. I have
a fact-based bias against government, I'm a libertarian.
My webpage was entitled "Anti-Authoritarian Journal,"
identifying my bias up front, unlike most sources.

Such up-front honesty is NOT a "plot," as CNN attempts to
portray it. The fact is that anything that is labeled what
it is up front is by definition NOT a plot. I'd say CNN
has a bias for the gov't line, however, does CNN label
its journalism "Authoritarian Journalism?" No.


I did not invent nor am I to blame for the fact that 150+
witnesses reported having seen something fly upwards and
explode at the spot TWA 800 was. That there were such wit-
nesses, up to 154, has been widely reported in the media.

CNN just reported in reference to me:

Joe Lychner of Houston, who lost his wife
and two daughters in the crash, told CNN
that Goddard and Salinger owe an explana-
tion to the American public.

The basis of the missile theory are the witnesses, and I
did not invent the witnesses. If anyone owes America an
explanation for the missile theory I think it's the wit-
nesses, not me. All I did was report what they said and
commit the error of theorizing that maybe that fiery
thing shooting up was a Navy missile and the Navy is
covering it up. I also did not invent the Navy-missile
theory. My explanation for that theory is that the Navy
is known to have many missiles and is known to be off-
shore where the plane crashed. However, an inventory
showed that all Navy missiles were accounted for...

OK fine, I'm ready to move on, but it seems they aren't:

National Transportation and Safety Board spokesman Peter
Goelz told CNN that my re-reporting of witness accounts
and theorizing that the Navy was at fault has done "real
damage" and "caused innumerable people great agony." Wow!
It seems I'm a human monster of immense proportions.

I am sorry for that, yet it would seem that the fault
lies in part and primarily with the major media for ever
having reported the witness accounts in the first place.
I then made the mistake of suggesting that the Navy may
have been at fault and is covering it up, which I now see
as a mistake, for I could be wrong and if I'm wrong I've
impugned the reputations of America's finest, which is
something I should not and do not now want to do, and
for which having done in the past, I am very sorry.

I don't know what happened to TWA 800, and at this
point I don't care! I just want to be left alone and
no longer harassed by the major media and others over
the TWA 800 case. I'm sorry I thought the Navy did it.
It was a mistaken thought. I'm sorry my thoughts have
"caused innumerable people great agony." I'm a humani-
tarian and have been a vegetarian for 19 years because
I want NOT to cause suffering to any living being.


I've never published anything I thought was false. I
even published errata notices when required. All claims
I've made were meticulously referenced so that readers
could check up on what I said for themselves. Providing
not just referenced information and ideas but all the
links necessary to access the larger body of information
about the case is what made my reports so popular and
what made this little guy the focus of world news.

My plan has been to end my "war on the Establishment."
Wanting to move on from conspiracy theory and set a new
course, I asked Doctor David Stern, who hosts the DEEP
TIMES webpage, to remove my conspiracy reports. However,
due to CNN's misleading charges that I've admitted to
having been engaged in a "plot" and thus that I will-
fully attempted to mislead people to believe what I
knew to be false, I have requested that David Stern
temporarily replace all my reports so that people can
judge for themselves if I was the liar CNN suggests.

It will take David some time to get the reports back
up, but when they are up you can access them directly
at: or indirectly
at: Please check the
first site within the next few days.

Ian Goddard, now at <>