Re: CNN's "Ian Goddard Plot"

Ian Goddard (
Sat, 08 Nov 1997 02:20:23 -0500

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Anton Sherwood (

> So Ian, what changed your mind?

IAN: I wish it didn't matter. When I got this
new address (the last server hosting my domain
was screwed), I was hoping it marked a new
beginning, a place I could "disappear" from
the furry of my conspiracy inquiry. Then
the CIA, I mean CNN, called...

After they ran the story, every news agency on
Earth was calling. I could not believe it. The
CNN reporter said it was determined that I was
the causal locus of the continuation of the
Navy-missile theory. I know my research was
persuading people at high levels of society.
But I did not invent the thing, nor did I
discover any new piece of evidence, it's
all a matter of effective presentation,
of effective memetic propagation.

That's why they hit me so hard. I must be
destroyed, even if I've backed off, reeling
from all the blows. I'm a marked man. I want
to be unmarked and to stop my "wrong inquiry."

The military Intel-Op who monitors my Internet
posting had sent CNN the post that they quoted,
and he told them it was an admission of fraud.
CNN was going to run the excerpt from my post
to the TWA 800 list, and asked if I'd admitted
to fraud in it. I said "not at all" and pointed
out the portions where I indicate that spreading
fear is appropriate "if founded." I also said
that failing to note that portion would give
the wrong impression. So guess what CNN did?
What does that tell you they wanted to do?

CNN wanted a video interview. They were going
to send a camera crew down from New York to
Maryland. I can't believe it. I said no. They
would not take no for an answer, but I stuck
to my guns. I know from the past how they cut
you up to say what they want. They also wanted
a voice interview, I also said no to that.
I still can't believe any of this.

Knowing that all my Internet communications are
monitored (I know it sounds paranoid, but when
it's true, it's true; when they are out to get
you, they are), I want to say that I've made
the effort to end my war on the Establishment.
I really want to stop and turn over a new leaf,
I shut down my webpage on September 11, 1997.
I even gracefully signed and handed over my
"surrender papers." But the Establishment
then "guns me down" anyway. They are
literally terrified of me. But I'll stop

if they'll stop

The false story implying I admitted fraud has
reached virtually every media source in the
Western world, TV, radio, and press. Rush
Limbaugh (a close friend of James Kallstrom
heading the FBI's TWA 800 investigation) was
railing on against me, as if I was Satan in-
carnate. This was an unprecedented full-court
effort to destroy one man for the crime of
questioning the FBI's TWA 800 investigation.

They could have just said, "He said he was
sorry, and he made a mistake," and I would
have never said another word. But no, they
had to frame me up as a fraud, they had to
try to kill me. You don't shot a man with a
surrender flag. What kind of people are they?

But what I want them to know is that I still
want to move on. I don't want to or plan to
write anything new against the Establishment,
ever again, if they will just leave me alone.

Ian Goddard <>