Re: CNN's "Ian Goddard Plot"

Ian Goddard (
Sun, 09 Nov 1997 20:34:02 -0500

Michael M. Butler (mbutler@comp*
> I don't mean any of this as flip or facile. You
> fucked with the bull, now you're getting the horn.

IAN: I know your not being flip,
unfortunately your absolutely right.

> Stay alert, read Sun Tzu...

IAN: It's been several months since the
death threat, saying if I continued my
inquiry into TWA 800 I might be killed.
But I never know. With the heavy media
hits, backing off seems best, forever.

One private TWA 800 investigator in
L.A. just disappeared into tin air,
never to be seen again:


Man's disappearance remains a mystery

By Mark Henry

The disappearance of civic watchdog Jeremy Crocker
while researching the crash of TWA Flight 800 last
year has left his two sons baffled and searching
for any sign that their father is still alive.

Crocker, a longtime Palm Springs resident whose
father built the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, was
last seen Dec. 9 at the downtown Los Angeles library
where he did much of his research on the crash.

His preoccupation with the airline crash included
countless hours of research in libraries and on
the Internet. He did not trust the government's
probes of the crash and believed a projectile
knocked the airliner from the skies. He created
mathematical models and studied the aerodynamics
of the crash and similarities to other air
disasters worldwide.

...Crocker's two grown sons...believe their father's
disapperance may be connected to the July 17, 1996
crash of TWA Flight 800 off the coast of Long Island.

IAN: I suspect that he was so caught up
in thinking about his research as he was
walking, he fell into an open manhole and
was washed away, showing how researching
this case can be a dangerous affair. Hell,
every researcher has either been visited
by the FBI or pounded on by the media.

Ian Goddard <>