Re: The copy paradox

Leevi Marttila (
06 Nov 1997 07:59:55 +0200

Brent Allsop <> writes:

> For discussion purposes, I'll use the names Dup and Trans.
> Dup1 walked into a non destructive transporter and walked out of this
> same machine unchanged, yet scanned. Then an identical Dup2 walked
> out of the reproducer part some distance away from this scanning
> machine. Trans1 walked into a similar scanning machine but was

0) I walked into a non destructive transporter.

1) I walk out of it and look at machine and say: "I am the original"

2) I walk out of reproducer and look at machine and say: "I am the copy"

What is the problem?

Another scenario:
I walk out of reproducer that look outside as a non destructive
transporter and look at machine and say: "I am the original". Then I
see the original and here is discussion:
There ensues discussion about who is original.
Result: I don't know who is original, somebody has cheated somewhere,
but so what. I think that I'm either original or copy and so thinks
that other too.

Here is another:
What it 'feels' like dying? Okay lets try it. I make a copy myself.
1) I'm listening what my copy says and following brain waves.
2) I'm going to jump into a volcano. I'm going to die but so what.
Original still continues and only thing that is actually lost is more
detailed information about how it feels like dying. I guess that
someday I should make this test make detailed recording about firings
between neural cells. I tell it to original. I'm not actually dying
because I'm not losing memory of past neither future of doing several
things because I'm continuing living in original. It would be
different if this happened year after copying... Know I'm not losing
anything expect I need some energy and material to make another
copy. Im jumping. It's hot...

Hardest thing is to stop associating yourself with your body. Your
memories and algorithms (thoughts) are kind of immaterial. For example:
I can express letter 'A' in several ways: Write it into paper. Bits in
computer. Thought in my mind. So letter 'A' while needing
material/energy to exist is kind of immaterial or independent any
particular material expression.