Uniting the libertarian and green movements

William Miller (nox@arches.uga.edu)
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 09:11:24 -0400 (EDT)

The Libertarian and Green and movements are beginning to coalesce
(thanks to an old economic philosophy that seems new bringing the two
into greater discussion <http://www.henrygeorge.org> . I am working to
speed the process. I am not the only one though. Check out Dan's
Geolibertarian Home Page at <http://www.geolib.pair.com> which is good
place to start your wandering. Also check out the Libertarian author
Harry Reid's responses to the Ten Key Green Values at
<http://www.atlantic.net/~dwatney/reid/reid01.htm> in the section
labeled "Libertarian and Green Values." The "Historic Ten Key Values
of the Greens" are at <http://www.greens.org/gcofc.html> . I noticed
that the Extropy Institute lacked a link to "Extropian
Environmentalism." May I suggest a page that includes something of an
updated set of "Extropian, Libertarian, and Green Values" which could
be quite readable to anyone in the libertarian and green movements.
The green movement is still somewhat technophobic, but if we were able
to show them how freedom and technology can address there concerns,
then we will be long way toward making the Extropian/Libertarian/Green
ideal a reality.

In liberty and progress,
BilLee Miller

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