Re: Uniting the libertarian and green movements

Hal Dunn (
Sun, 27 Apr 1997 16:59:59 -0400

>Some time back, I began putting together an "extropian environmentalism" web
>I would GREATLY welcome additional input to it and suggestions for links. I
>found The pointer to Harry Reid's commentary on the "Ten Green Values" very
>interesting and will likely add a link to it in my environmentalism page.

Here are some good links on environmentalism:

Political Economy Research Center (PERC)
An early pioneer in "free market environmentalism," PERC is a
market-oriented think tank focusing on environmental and natural resource

Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) Environmental Studies Program
One of the most important policy areas of the Competitive Enterprise
Institute is their Environmental Studies Program. Look here for links to a
wealth of policy reports, articles, and essays on free-market environmentalism.

Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment (FREE)
FREE is an educational and research foundation, established to support
environmental goals based on individual liberty and responsibility and
harmonized with economic prosperity.

The Thoreau Institute
A single issue institute devoted to free-market environmentalism. This site
is called the Electronic Drummer.

The Environmental Corner at the Heartland Institute

The ABCs of Environmental Myths

Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise
This organization focuses on environmental issues but isn't limited to that.

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