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Max More (
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 10:54:35 -0700

At 01:00 AM 4/24/97 +0200, you wrote:
>By the way is there some basics or sort of abc on extropianism,
>I mean here in the behaviorial sense not a knowledge theory to
>pretend, more a way to reach at it guide or so=20

The nearest thing to a practical (which I assume you mean by "behavioral")
abc of extropianism is Peter Voss's article in Extropy #17: "Extropy Now" I
think you might also include my Dynamic Optimism essay.=20

>( I knew about the Max More files but can't get my hands on it, and have=20
> no web, news, ftp nor www access rigth now, yes just email and a fax ! =
=8A )

Which files can you not get your hands on? Without web access, and if you
don't get Extropy magazine, it will be difficult to get these materials.
I'll be putting up a heavily revised version of "Dynamic Optimism" on the
Extropy Institute web site soon, along with "Self-Ownership" which
certainly applies extropian thinking to practical issues.

Also, on practical matters, look for the imminent annoucement of the EXTRO
3 conference. One of the sessions will be on using our extropian knowledge
to make money through investing.


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