Re: Uniting the libertarian and green movements

Michael Lorrey (
Sun, 27 Apr 1997 18:16:47 -0400

William Miller wrote:
> But perhaps I'm putting the cart before the horse. Let's get back to
> basics for a moment shall we. First thing that you must understand
> when talking to Greens are the green values. "The Original Ten Key
> Values of the Green Committees of Correspondence" with the questions
> used to clarify them can be found at <>
> and Harry Reid's response to them can be found on page
> <> in the section
> labeled "Libertarian and Green Values." We are infinitely compatible
> movements with similar roots and understanding this will help us both
> get that much closer to reaching our goals.

WIth all due respect, as a libertarian, and as someone who has spent
more time in the outdoors than 99% of the Greens out there, as someone
who takes a personal and active role in the management of wildlife, and
conservation of natural resources in this State, I must say that most of
what the Greens political groups say is complete and utter BS.

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