Re: Uniting the libertarian and green movements
Sat, 26 Apr 1997 09:34:14 -0400 (EDT)

In a message dated 97-04-24 14:33:13 EDT, (William Miller)

> I noticed
> that the Extropy Institute lacked a link to "Extropian
> Environmentalism." May I suggest a page that includes something of an
> updated set of "Extropian, Libertarian, and Green Values" which could
> be quite readable to anyone in the libertarian and green movements.
> The green movement is still somewhat technophobic, but if we were able
> to show them how freedom and technology can address there concerns,
> then we will be long way toward making the Extropian/Libertarian/Green
> ideal a reality.

Some time back, I began putting together an "extropian environmentalism" web

I would GREATLY welcome additional input to it and suggestions for links. I
found The pointer to Harry Reid's commentary on the "Ten Green Values" very
interesting and will likely add a link to it in my environmentalism page.

Also, I encourage anyone interested in these questions to come along on
EXpedition 97, a backpacking trip this summer (details on the web page noted
below): I'm sure questions about environmentalism will be on the agenda
around the camp fire!

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