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Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 06:08:14 MST

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>Enron, Spawn of Business Journalism
>by Gary North
>This is "National Enron Media Week." Now that Ex-CEO Kenneth Law has
>refused to testify to a Senate committee, we may be facing "National
>Enron Media Year." It's "All Enron, all the time."
>The media are on Enron like a dog on a bone.
>This media feeding frenzy is basically reports on an empty barn from
>which the thoroughbred horses have all escaped. The horses that were
>left behind - nags, mostly - are not topics for public discussion. I
>have yet to see even one report on Enron's future prospects, yet 15,000
>of Enron's 20,000 employees are still at work.

True, true. The mass media is such a joke. I came *this* close to
buying a huge wad of Enron stock back when the mass media anti-hype
began a couple months ago (Enron went to .26/share: I woulda made ~5X
on that--it went to 1.21/share in a week. It will probably still go up
from what it is now). Whatever way the mass media arrow points, go
the OTHER way...that is always the best course :-)

BTW, I work in downtown Houston and ride by Enron every day. And
there is at least one Exi list member who works at Enron.

Another sick joke: the Enron employee relief fund: 1000's and 1000's
of dollars for relief for the poor Enron employees--what a joke: the
median income of Enron employees is probably at least hooo!

Meanwhile the working poor typically are completely ignored by the
mass media--the poor darlings don't patronize the advertisers that
support the media, dontcha know....and as for the inner city welfare
poor, well, the mass media certainly wouldn't ignore them--otherwise
they would destroy the property of the business class, the true bosses
of the media, who buy the ads.

>For the rest of this article, see

BTW, lewrockwell is a great site. It is good to see people that
actually think original thoughts, as opposed to being an empty vessel
for memes backed by money.

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