Enron, Spawn of Business Journalism

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Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 04:37:39 MST

Enron, Spawn of Business Journalism
by Gary North

This is "National Enron Media Week." Now that Ex-CEO Kenneth Law has
refused to testify to a Senate committee, we may be facing "National
Enron Media Year." It's "All Enron, all the time."

The media are on Enron like a dog on a bone. The reporters have one
assignment from editors: to expose dirt. They want workers' empty
retirement fund dirt, payoffs to top Republicans dirt, and insider
trading dirt. Dirt attracts viewers. Dirt gets the ratings up. Higher
ratings allow the media to charge more money to advertisers.

This media feeding frenzy is basically reports on an empty barn from
which the thoroughbred horses have all escaped. The horses that were
left behind - nags, mostly - are not topics for public discussion. I
have yet to see even one report on Enron's future prospects, yet 15,000
of Enron's 20,000 employees are still at work. They are of no interest
to the media. "No dirt here." The public will feast on stories of what
the barn's managers failed to do to keep the thoroughbreds from

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