Re: Enron, Spawn of Business Journalism

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Date: Fri Feb 08 2002 - 05:06:26 MST

On Wednesday, February 06, 2002 8:08 AM Randy Smith wrote:
> BTW, I work in downtown Houston and ride by Enron every day. And
> there is at least one Exi list member who works at Enron.


> Another sick joke: the Enron employee relief fund: 1000's and 1000's
> of dollars for relief for the poor Enron employees--what a joke: the
> median income of Enron employees is probably at least hooo!

I agree with your sentiment -- to some degree. It's not funny to see
anyone lose their retirement fund, but there are people who are much
worse off. In a way, seeing them paraded before Congress reminds me of
those rich people who want the government to help them rebuild after the
mud slides in CA in the 1980s. These were like $2 million homes, IIRC,
that insurance companies wouldn't touch because of their location. By
no means were these people going to be living in dumpsters if the
government didn't help them rebuild...

That said, it's still a sad story, though one that shouldn't overwhelm
our reason. The same is going on now in NYC where the Red Cross is
doling out money to people who really don't need it. This makes me a
bit angry because I donated some money to them specifically to help the
victims of September 11. I thought my money -- I'm not bragging here,
it wasn't that much money -- would go to things like medical help for
people who were injured or assistance for the poor people put out of
work. Instead, much of it is just being giving away door to door to
people who live in apartments that rent for more than monthly income.
(This is according to an NPR report.)

> Meanwhile the working poor typically are completely ignored by the
> mass media--the poor darlings don't patronize the advertisers that
> support the media, dontcha know....and as for the inner city welfare
> poor, well, the mass media certainly wouldn't ignore them--otherwise
> they would destroy the property of the business class, the true bosses
> of the media, who buy the ads.

While I'm against welfare in all its forms -- including corporate
welfare -- I agree here. There are certain groups in society which it's
okay to ignore and others that are the official repositories of

>>For the rest of this article, see
> BTW, lewrockwell is a great site. It is good to see people that
> actually think original thoughts, as opposed to being an empty vessel
> for memes backed by money.

Hmm. I find the site to be provocative -- even when I don't agree with
it. I hope others will look at it too, though, I hope, they will come
to it looking for truths rather than just another line to swallow.



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