Re: changing traffic lights by the force of your personality

From: John Grigg (
Date: Fri Feb 08 2002 - 04:11:39 MST

Andrew Clough wrote:
To play devil's advocate: it might not be that the magic is affecting the
street light mechanism, but instead the time at which you arrive at the
street light. If your magic is affecting all sorts of subtle things about
the way you and the people around you react, it could reasonably change
your schedule enough that you always happen to arrive when the light was
going to turn green anyway. Of course, this would be a scientifically
testable phenomenon, and you could definitely arrange some pretty easy
experiments, even without the subject being aware of it (since that might

I happen to have my own very powerful magick which changes red lights to green. I certainly will not promise it works right away, but if you do it LONG ENOUGH, it is practically guaranteed to work!!

"Dang, this light dared to turn red on me!!"
"I'm in a big hurry here!"
*powerful magickal chant begins*
"Turn Red!!"
"Turn Red!!!!"
"Please turn Red!"
"I said TURN RED!!!"
I order you to turn Red!!!!!!"
"Please turn Red!!"
"Please, puh-leeez turn Red!!!"
"#**#!!!#*! Red light, CHANGE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

*Repeat this part of the magickal spell as many times as needed!^

*rest mind to greatly increase magickal power*

"Just please let me get out of here!"

Just memorize the script I have provided, and you will be ready to cast a very powerful magick spell which can help you during those frustrating moments caused by red lights!

best wishes,


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