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From: Alex Ramonsky (
Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 04:56:35 MST

Guys, you have inspired me...Emlyn too... I'm getting married on March 23rd
(no, don't laugh). And now, I plan to have an online stag party...I'll get
the details sorted later...but thanks for the idea!
PS ...anybody wanna join in?...

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> > Olga Bourlin wrote: I sidled up to a group
> > of people when I heard them talking about China (having been born there,
> > I've a particular interest in China). Then, to my dismay, I realized
> > were talking about ... China ... **patterns.**
> Ja well, it is good that people talk about that which they know. {8-]
> > Patterns ... crockery!
> > Another group talked excitedly about "zins" (I soon figured out that was
> > diminutive name for Zinfandel wines).
> I woulda been more lost than anyone at that party. I drink beer.
> > Maybe it's just the parties I've
> > attended ...
> Definitely going to the wrong parties Olga. {8-]
> > it seems the more "elegant," the more boring they've been,
> > generally speaking. And I don't know why.
> I know why. People are interesting as a function of their brains,
> not their bank balance. You need to find some good nerd parties
> Olga. The nanoschmoozes work pretty well for that. People
> there don't expect you to know which fork is supposed to be used
> for what purpose. I never did get up to speed on that kinda thing.

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