Re: hello to the >H Right Wing

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Tue Feb 05 2002 - 23:59:53 MST

> Olga Bourlin wrote: I sidled up to a group
> of people when I heard them talking about China (having been born there,
> I've a particular interest in China). Then, to my dismay, I realized they
> were talking about ... China ... **patterns.**

Ja well, it is good that people talk about that which they know. {8-]

> Patterns ... crockery!
> Another group talked excitedly about "zins" (I soon figured out that was a
> diminutive name for Zinfandel wines).

I woulda been more lost than anyone at that party. I drink beer.

> Maybe it's just the parties I've
> attended ...

Definitely going to the wrong parties Olga. {8-]

> it seems the more "elegant," the more boring they've been,
> generally speaking. And I don't know why.

I know why. People are interesting as a function of their brains,
not their bank balance. You need to find some good nerd parties
Olga. The nanoschmoozes work pretty well for that. People
there don't expect you to know which fork is supposed to be used
for what purpose. I never did get up to speed on that kinda thing.

Nowthen, speaking of zins, I have learned that there is a site
where one can download one of my faves, Zen and the Art
of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Ive longed for an ASCII version of this classic, so I can search
it, instead of having only (as Eliezer so aptly put it) a picture of
the information.

How can I find out if Pirsig has granted some yahoo the right
to post his book? If he is still holding the copyright, I will dump this
site right off of my bookmarks. Since I am a believer in intellectual
property rights, should I not even mention the site until I can
determine that it is legitimate? spike

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