Re: Bye-Bye to the >H Right Wing

From: Olga Bourlin (
Date: Tue Feb 05 2002 - 23:02:35 MST

From: "Spike Jones" <>
> Olga Bourlin wrote:
> Perhaps Vidal's comment can be understood in terms of the fact that
> as people accumulate money they also accumulate years and wisdom,
> and so are less likely to do exciting risky activities. spike

Yeah, you may be right. In any case, it's not gospel. The quote reminded
me, though, of an oh-so-elegant party in the '80s. I sidled up to a group
of people when I heard them talking about China (having been born there,
I've a particular interest in China). Then, to my dismay, I realized they
were talking about ... China ... **patterns.** Patterns ... crockery!
Another group talked excitedly about "zins" (I soon figured out that was a
diminutive name for Zinfandel wines). Maybe it's just the parties I've
attended ... it seems the more "elegant," the more boring they've been,
generally speaking. And I don't know why.

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