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Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 07:02:48 MST

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> Spike Jones wrote (5.2.2002/21:51) :
> > They [cows] have to be the most ludicrous
> > animal ever invented.
> When you go through generations of man-made selection based on the
> quantity of meat you produce and how good it tastes, you obviously
> drift into nonsense in other, more fundamental features. Most
> importantly, you stop caring about yourself, which is pretty much what
> natural life is about... In my childhood in Switzerland I have often
> observed cows, and I often had the impression that they would share
> two minds in three cows, or something like that.
I know what you mean! Believe it or not, a recently published scientific
paper argues that cows are actually smarter than we think. Apparently they
can recognise faces, distinguish between different humans and run up to
people they remember doing nice things to them while avoiding people who've
done nasty things to them. Smarter than some humans I know. I wonder what
the grant application for that research was like...Steve.

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