Pig Comment

From: QueeneMUSE@aol.com
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 08:40:31 MDT

I am going to have to clarify something.

For some reason the MEN think I am offended at the word UGLY - i berely
NOTICED that word in their.

I did not react to that word, but to the QUEER bashing.
 the strign of insults was ( not necessarily in this order) "stupid ugly
lesbian tree hugger"

It's queer bashing, folks.
The fact that it was about women made is greasier, but I would have objected
if he said "tree hugging fags" too.

I will not say much more on this, but most lesbians are not ugly or stupid.
At least not the ones in my acquaintance. In fact they are often extremely
cute athletic types who won't eat meat and are therefore in excellent health
of body and mind. They simply do not meet with this guy's approval for
f**king (dont give me the line that he wants to breed and his genes are doing
it, I wont buy it) so he makes what is very close to racial/sexual slurs.

People call women DYKES just because they act differently from what society
wants them to. A strong women is not a dyke. A woman who doesn't shave her
armpits is not a DYKE, a liberal is not a DYKE. A CEO of a company is not a
DYKE. A democrat is not a DYKE.

A dyke is a woman who falls in love with women. Repubicans or not.
Get over it.

The manners thing comes up again, and repeatedly this man has used offensive
tactics of rudeness, crudeness and meannes to repel my posts.

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