Re: Pig Comment

Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 14:12:04 MDT

Ok so now someone has posted to the list, AND cc'd me that I am "wrong", so
I have to sayit :

> And I see why you did, but your response seems as wrong, basically, as
> someone getting righteous about the use of the word `niggardly' because it
> *sort of sounds so offensive*.

*I* am not wrong.

Nigger and Niggardly sound a lot alike, but they mean different things.

He didn't say 'les beans', or 'let's be in'. He said (dumb, ugly,
treehugging) Lesbian.

That was a purely uncivilized wisecrack, a disgusting sentiment and he needed
his ass kicked.

Stringing all those words together made a stereotype of a gay female that I
found extremely insulting. And I am not even GAY! (Tried that, didnt work ;
- ) In light of what we are about (intellect, best behavior, learning,
self-improvement) it was demeaning to the entire list in it's callousness and

The fact that Lee actually *did not know that is how he sounded* lets me know
I did the right thing - "go ballistic" - now he knows. Hopefully he'll think
twice before making those kind of statements. Maybe not -- Lee, seems you
love to get a rise out.

I agree this is a HUGE mountain out of a molehill, and I am over it, but try
being a "chick for a day", all you men. You'd go ballistic even quicker.

I am offlist for awhiles... good luck y'all.

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