Re: Pig Comment

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 09:50:40 MDT wrote:
> I am going to have to clarify something.
> For some reason the MEN think I am offended at the word UGLY - i berely
> NOTICED that word in their.
> I did not react to that word, but to the QUEER bashing.
> the strign of insults was ( not necessarily in this order) "stupid ugly
> lesbian tree hugger"
> It's queer bashing, folks.
> The fact that it was about women made is greasier, but I would have objected
> if he said "tree hugging fags" too.

I would not call Lee's comment 'gay bashing'. All he was doing was describing
the exact opposite of what I had described, with no connotations of value or
worth attached. Now, I've had a number of gay and lesbian freinds that I've hung
out with, but I would not go to a gay or lesbian bar looking to meet someone to
develop a romantic interest, only because I am not gay. Just because I'm not
interested in meeting and/or developing a romantic relationship with a lesbian
does not make me homophobic, its just realistic. I mean, what is the likelihood
that a lesbian would want a relationship with a guy, especially one who likes to
hunt and eat animals, dislikes government, and is pro-technology? Not bloody

Mike Lorrey

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