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From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 09:42:39 MDT wrote:
> >
> And Mike, I wasn't offended or anything. I just wondered what the heck you
> thought slutty male information about GOP women would do for ME, a list
> member. I know if you go to the Beverly Hills Polo Club you'll see good
> looking republicans - a girl can go look at a rich young man in an Armani
> suit too. But I wouldn't post it on the list so all the Extotopian girls
> could find out and hopefully get laid.

As I recall, I did say 'for the guys on the list' or something to that effect.
If I didn't in fact say that, I apologize for creating the appearance that I
presumed all list members would in interested, when that in fact was not my
intention. I also realize that when someone says, 'hey guys' to a group, it
seems to by default include everybody in the perceptions of some...

And I do admit to being insensitive and self centered. I do make rude humorous
comments occasionally, however they are not meant to offend anyone at all. I'm
just a kinda intelligent redneck with a sense of humor and little tolerance for
other people's hypersenstivities. Seeing as how most of the things I like are
seen as bad and evil by most of the population, I've developed a pretty thick
skin to tolerate the language of others with regards to those subjects, though I
do get my ruff up in a dander when someone is being purposely intolerant.

To close, I'll slip into crypto-guy-raphy so as to not offend the ladies on the

football forward pass, carbeuretor sixpack. D-cup, slapshot body check, venison
transfer case. Gunrack, to six pack or keg? Funnel, bodyshot, tequila four by

Mike Lorrey

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