Re: Many selves (was Diaries (was: Re: The Pause that Refreshes))

Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 08:21:52 MDT

In a message dated 6/13/2000 7:08:49 AM Pacific Daylight Time, Replicant00

> Actually, I thought she was nauseous at the idea that women at GOP get
> togethers could be attractive....

That was part of it. I am glad you caught the humor. ; )

And Mike, I wasn't offended or anything. I just wondered what the heck you
thought slutty male information about GOP women would do for ME, a list
member. I know if you go to the Beverly Hills Polo Club you'll see good
looking republicans - a girl can go look at a rich young man in an Armani
suit too. But I wouldn't post it on the list so all the Extotopian girls
could find out and hopefully get laid.

My point was: I wondered about your own personal filters, can you filter out
ANY thing, or do you just post all your errant psychological ramblings to the

> You know, I don't go to GOP things anymore. Nah, I much prefer those
> Libertarian meetings, full of smelly, sweaty, stubbornly offensive nerds
> yapping Randisms and whining about their capital gains taxes....

For the record, that's what is blatantly offensive abotu LDC's comment.
There's no self awareness. I wonder if he ever looked in a mirror?

You are somewhat of a sexist Mike, but of the charming type who is also

THANK you Mike, for having the intelligence and awareness to make fun of

PS: I will be offlist for awhile due to a heavy schedule, let me know if you
run across any interesting URLS ot topics.

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